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It’s like the cutest laser conga ever.

Meerkat on a mound making lasers.

created by Ralph

Good luck clubbing this guy. I hope he lasers off your nads.

Created by Ralph

Monkey see, monkey laser.

They really should have used the baby on the tiger.

Laserfication request for Diane.

I call this “Comedy/Tragedy Laser Babies”

It’s not his fault. He was excited to see the President. Good thing those Secret Service have such quick reflexes. Having a President Joe Biden would concern me.

“Humanimal babies”

-submitted by chilid


What the…this is going to make into my dreams. Crap.

It’s a tad annoying, but it had lasers so I thought I should post it anyway.

(via divination)

Darth Hedgious.

Made in China. No really, it said on the tank barrel.

Baby elephants are blessed with a bonus laser.

For Patterson who is convinced that lightning bolt eyes are better than laser eyes.



Laser eyes come from the tiniest of creatures as well.

Not exactly laser eyes. But when GorillaSushi makes something with lasers, I’m going to post it.

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