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-submitted by Brent

Our first laser baby video! Awesome.

This is a laser baby tutorial for Gimp users. Gimp is a FREE image editing program similar to Photoshop. You can download a copy here…

To view this tutorial in high definition go here…

HD Gimp Tutorial

Here are the steps written out.

  • Create a new layer.
  • Choose the Free Select tool.
  • Draw a laser shape for the first eye with the free select tool.
  • Go to edit > fill with BG color (make sure it is white)
  • Draw a second laser shape and fill with white
  • Select > none
  • Right click on the layer and choose “Alpha to selection”
  • Create a new layer
  • Go to the select menu and choose grow. Input 3px and hit okay
  • Choose the color of your laser as the foreground color
  • Go to edit and fill with FG color
  • Select > none
  • Go to filter > blur > gaussian blur
  • Input 45 px for horizontal and vertical
  • Move the blurred layer behind the white layer

Photoshop tutorial on how to create laser eyes. Go here to see it in hi res.

Here are the steps written out.

  • Find a baby picture. It will be simpler if the baby is looking off to the side and is NOT on a white background.
  • Create a new layer above the baby pic.
  • Using the polygon lasso tool, draw a laser shape, starting at the pupil. I like to flare the beam out to give it some perspective.
  • Once you have the shape with the dancing ants, fill with white.
  • Double click on the layer to bring up the Layer Style box.
  • Choose “Outer glow” and change the color to bright red or your color of choice.
  • Increase the size of the outer glow until it looks glowy enough.
  • If it looks too sharp, add a slight gaussian blur. Usually 1 or less.
  • If it does not look glowy enough, duplicate the layer.

That’s the basic technique. Some babies can get more complicated and require more improvising. So if you get frustrated, you might try a different baby pic for better results.

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